5 Payment Providers Empowering Small Businesses

In today’s fast-paced digital era, online shopping has become increasingly prevalent, and having a full-fledged eCommerce website seems like a necessity for businesses to survive. However, not all entrepreneurs and small business owners are ready to take the plunge into the complexities of running an online store. Many prefer to leverage the power of social media platforms and other websites to advertise their products and collect payments from customers as and when needed. Fortunately, there are innovative payment providers that cater precisely to this group of individuals, empowering them to thrive in the digital marketplace without the need for a comprehensive eCommerce platform. In this article, we will explore five such payment providers in the UK that enable businesses to advertise products on various platforms and seamlessly collect payments from their customers.

1. PayPal

PayPal, undoubtedly one of the pioneers in online payment processing, has been a go-to option for businesses of all sizes for years. Its versatility and user-friendly interface make it a preferred choice for those seeking to sell products or services online without the hassle of managing a full online shop. Small businesses and individual sellers can create payment request links directly through their PayPal accounts, enabling them to reach out to customers on social media platforms, emails, or even instant messaging services.

By sharing a payment request link, sellers can showcase their products or services with brief descriptions and attractive visuals. Customers can then click on the link to make a payment swiftly and securely through PayPal. This approach allows for a simplified and streamlined transaction process, ensuring that businesses can focus on promoting their offerings and building strong relationships with their customer base.

2. Square

Square has emerged as a prominent player in the payment processing industry, offering a suite of tools tailored to the needs of small businesses and solo entrepreneurs. For those who prefer to showcase their products on social platforms or websites and receive payments effortlessly, Square’s solution of sending payment request links proves to be an invaluable resource.

With Square, users can create a customized payment request link and share it across different platforms. Whether it’s a Facebook post, a tweet, an Instagram story, or a website page, sellers can effortlessly embed the link to capture customers’ attention and entice them to make a purchase. By eliminating the complexities of setting up an online store, Square empowers entrepreneurs to focus on promoting their brand and engaging with their audience.

3. Stripe

Stripe, renowned for its developer-friendly approach and powerful payment infrastructure, is an ideal choice for businesses seeking flexibility and customization in their payment processing. It allows users to integrate Stripe’s payment functionalities into their own websites or applications, which means sellers can effectively advertise their products on various online platforms and seamlessly collect payments without redirecting customers to a separate payment page.

Through Stripe’s API, businesses can generate payment request links programmatically and present them in any desired format on social media, blog posts, or external websites. This level of control over the payment experience ensures a seamless and cohesive customer journey, promoting brand loyalty and trust.

4. Worldpay (now FIS)

Worldpay, a leading payment provider that has since been acquired by FIS, offers businesses a diverse range of payment solutions. For those looking to avoid the complexity of managing a full online shop, Worldpay’s payment request link feature comes to the rescue.

By generating a payment request link through Worldpay, businesses can share it across their preferred online platforms, whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or any other website. The convenience of a direct payment link simplifies the customer’s path to purchase, significantly reducing the likelihood of cart abandonment and enhancing the overall shopping experience.

5. GoCardless

While GoCardless is best known for its focus on recurring payments and direct debits, it also provides an effective solution for businesses seeking a simple and straightforward method to collect payments from customers without a full eCommerce setup.

By creating payment request links with GoCardless, businesses can easily communicate payment information to their customers through various channels. Whether it’s a one-time product sale or a subscription-based service, GoCardless allows businesses to capture payments swiftly and securely, enabling them to thrive in the digital space without the need for an elaborate online store.


In the age of digital marketing and social media, businesses must adapt to new ways of reaching and engaging customers. The five payment providers discussed in this article offer valuable solutions for entrepreneurs who wish to advertise their products on social platforms or other websites without committing to a full online shop. By utilizing payment request links, these businesses can simplify the purchasing process for their customers, increase sales, and build a strong online presence. As the eCommerce landscape continues to evolve, these innovative payment providers empower small businesses to harness the potential of the digital marketplace and compete effectively on various online platforms.