Adding a Product to OneFayre

To help everyone start making the most of their time on OneFayre, and get to listing their products as quickly, easily and effectively as possible, we’ve put together a simple guide. The OneFayre platform has been designed to be as user-friendly as possible, but just to make sure you get the most out of it, follow these simple steps, and your products will be live in no time.

  • Login to MyFayre, your dashboard for all things on OneFayre
  • On your MyFayre homepage, select ‘NEW POST’ from the top menu
    • You’ll be taken to the tab where you can start creating your listing.

    A product listing on OneFayre isn’t like that what you find on many other marketplaces. The intention here isn’t to sell your item directly through OneFayre, rather to showcase it, to allow you to either send potential customers to your own website, social media profile, or where ever else online (or even offline) you may sell. OneFayre does offer the benefit of a chat messaging system that potential buyers can use to message you, the seller, but you are not restricted to using this system.

    The NEW POST tab is organised in such a way that it make product listing fluid. At the top of the page, you’ll find ‘Posting Guidelines. Have a read through this, as there’s some good points here that we think will help you get started. But to better understand how the listing itself works, have a read of what each heading is about:

    • Post Title – Add a description here that entices your customers to want to view your product. Just like some other marketplaces, SEO is important in the OneFayre search algorithm, however, please please PLEASE don’t add your keywords as long list in your title. This will neither help you in the search results, and makes the listings look ‘interesting’! A carefully crafted title that says exactly what the product is, is literally worth a thousand words…
    • Post Content – This is the ‘meat’ of your posting. Your content section is your opportunity to ‘sell’ your product. Write from the heart, use your words to transmit your passion and care for your art, let your reader feel the craft through your words. Dimensions, weight, specifications and other particulars can be helpful here, but don’t be bogged down by that. These are the details that you should include in your own personal sale platform (having said that, we don’t discourage the use of them here too).
      You may want to write your content outside of the editor, as you may wish to use more formatting options to further embellish your copy. However, a word of caution: please avoid at all costs using emojis or other icons in your content. These are rarely useful, and quite often, very annoying to read on certain devices. Keep your text clean, clear and simple, for the best results.
      The internet is full of blogs, articles and guides on how to write product descriptions, and for the most part, these are great. However, since the intention of listing on OneFayre is to promote TO sell, telling a heart felt story speaks much louder than a pre-defined template for product descriptions.
    • Post Excerpt – An excerpt is a very very short summary, perhaps 10 words long at most, that is either the main subheading, or ‘taster’ to what your post is about. This is a very important part of your post, as it gives readers that first indication of what your post will discuss, and it hooks them in for a read. Don’t ignore the post excerpt, it’s as valuable as SEO.
    • Header Image – On OneFayre, all product pages have a large, clear header. This makes it easy for readers/buyers/customers to see your product with clarity. Make this picture the true stand-out, which shows as much of your product as possible. It will also be the image that shows up on the listings when in a gallery, so take care when selecting this image.
      In terms of size, the simple rule here is, the bigger, the better. The image processor on OneFayre is quite clever, and tends to center and crop images automatically, bringing out the best in your images.
      Make sure the image is clear, in as natural lighting is possible, as this will result in the best pictures. Words speak, pictures show!
    • Gallery – One picture is great, lots of pictures is even better. Upload up to 10 more images of your product, from all sides, angles and dangles, and include all the bits that really make it special. Same principles as before; clear, big and on the product.
    • Post Category – We’ve got quite a few categories on OneFayre, but they might not all be there yet. Have a look through and see which one best fits your product. If you’ve got something that’s really unique, and doesn’t fit in any of the categories, Contact Us so we can have a look, and if needed, we’ll add a category to suit your type of product.
    • Distinction – Here is where you select the pedigree or heritage of your product. Making something brand new to order for a customer? Select ‘Made to Order’. If its something you make in batches, and then stack on a shelf, that’s ‘Made to Stock’. And finally, if it’s something made in a time you don’t have a diary for anymore, it’s probably ‘Vintage’.
      It’s important to select the right distinction here, as it helps potential customers understand what the product is, and the condition it’s in right now (is that dining table still planks on the wood pile, or is it ready to ship?)
    • Custom Orders – Is this product able to either a) be customised to the customers requirements, or b) can it be made to custom specifications. The difference here may be small, but, if the item is already made (particularly in the case of something ‘Vintage’), are you able to/willing to modify it to a customers requirements? Or if it’s something you’re making from scratch, can that be altered to a customers needs (think jewellery, in particular).
    • Product Document – Made a brochure for your product? Or perhaps you’ve got some literature that would complement your listing nicely? Upload it here, but please make sure it’s a PDF.
    • Product URL – This is the big one! Where are potential customers/buyers to go and buy your item? Now, this won’t always be another website, as sometimes, you may want to just send the buyer a payment link through OneFayre’s messaging system or via an email. However, if you want to send your visitors to your own website or social media networks, this is where you need to put that link.Just one link in here, but your other subsequent links will appear in the ‘Artisan’ box next to/below your item.
    • Price – Not everything can have a straight forwards ‘price’, but, it’s a proven fact that customers are very uncomfortable with having to ask the price of something, for as the saying goes ‘if you have to ask, you probably can’t afford it’. Even if that’s the case, a price helps the customer make that decision comfortably by themselves. While we don’t enforce it, we STRONGLY recommend that you include a price on all your items. It’ll make your listings a lot more appealing.
    • Date Available – If you’re in the process of making something, and it’s not quite ready, the available date is really useful. This is also applicable if you’re making something that you won’t have stock for until a certain date, you can start getting in orders while you finish off your batch of production.
    • YouTube Video – Words speak, pictures show… videos? If you’ve got the chance, definitely try and make a video of your item, in various settings, either it being made, used, how you package and send it… anything really. The moving picture element is very useful at projecting tones, depth, size and character of items. Leverage this especially with larger or higher value items.

    Don’t forget to click the Captcha box, and ‘Submit for Review’. If you need more time to come back and finish it off, ‘Save as Draft’.

    Once you’ve posted a couple of items, the process will become much more straight forwards.

    In conclusion, we’d like to make a suggestion. Where possible, use a computer to create your posts. We’ve tried from both a mobile device AND a computer, and it’s far far simpler and easier from a computer.

    As always, if you have any questions about posting your items, or if you run into any problems, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us, or reach out through one of our social media profiles.