OneFayre Partner Program

Welcome from the heart of OneFayre! As the founder, I’m excited to introduce you to our exclusive Partner Program—a thriving community that shares our passion for handmade artistry and artisanal excellence.

At OneFayre, we’ve always been driven by the magic of creativity and the dedication that artisans put into their craft. Our platform celebrates the beauty of unique creations and the stories behind each piece. Now, with our Partner Program, we’re extending an invitation to you to join us in this creative journey.

Imagine a place where your love for artisanship meets your entrepreneurial spirit. The Partner Program bridges that gap, enabling you to become a vital part of our vibrant marketplace. By promoting OneFayre’s subscription service, you’ll not only contribute to the growth of our community but also earn commission in the process.

Crafted with the essence of collaboration, this program empowers you to share our vision with your network. As a Partner, you’ll have access to tools that simplify the process of spreading the word. It’s a seamless blend of your passion for handcrafted treasures and your desire to thrive in the world of commerce.

Whether you’re a maker, a craft enthusiast, or someone who appreciates the allure of artisanal wonders, our Partner Program welcomes all who wish to embark on this journey with us. Together, we’ll amplify the essence of artistry, cultivate connections, and foster a community that thrives on creativity.

Thank you for considering the OneFayre Partner Program—a place where your enthusiasm meets your entrepreneurial aspirations. Let’s inspire, create, and succeed together.

Linda Hunt

OneFayre Founder

OneFayre is a brand-new cutting-edge platform tailored for artisans and crafters to showcase their creations and enhance traffic to their sales channels, whether it’s social media or websites. Our exclusive features include FayreHub, a specialized forum for idea exchange, FayreTrade for equipment transactions, and FayreGround for curated handmade and vintage events.

Uniquely positioned, our ecosystem champions the handmade market, setting us apart from competitors like Etsy and Folksy. Moreover, OneFayre empowers makers with no payment handling, zero commissions, and a bespoke configuration.

Free to join

The OneFayre Affiliate Program is absolutely FREE to join. There are no sign-up costs or fees involved, and there aren’t any products that need to be stocked.

Simple, single product to sell

OneFayre currently only has one product we sell; our sellers subscription. We include all our additional services under one plan, so our product offering remains simple and streamlined.

  • Earn Passive Income: Affiliates have the opportunity to earn passive income by promoting our membership packages. This income stream continues to flow in as long as their referrals lead to sales.
  • Scalability: OneFayre Affiliates Program allows partners to scale their efforts easily. As they refine their strategies and build their audience, they can increase their promotional efforts for greater earnings.
  • Flexibility and Autonomy: Affiliates have the freedom to choose how and when they promote our subscriptions. This flexibility allows them to integrate their marketing efforts seamlessly into their existing strategies.
  • Zero Risk: Affiliates can join the OneFayre Affiliates Program without any financial risk. Since affiliates are not responsible for product creation or customer service, their exposure to potential losses is zero.

Simple & fair commissions

OFAP has 5 levels of achievements which affiliates are able to attain. Each level increases the overall commission benefit that affiliates will earn. The table below demonstrates the levels and commission rates available.

10 – 4920%
250 – 9922.5%
3100 – 24925%
4250 – 49927.5%

All commissions are recurring, so any members that renew their subscriptions that were introduced by an affiliate, that affiliates will continue to receive the prevailing commission rate for that member.

Evolving ecosystem

OneFayre has been meticulously crafted by artisans, endowing us with an intimate understanding of the industry. Through firsthand experience, we’ve identified the deficiencies that plague prominent online marketplaces like Etsy, disproportionately affecting small handmade businesses.

Distinctively, OneFayre sidesteps these issues by adopting a unique approach—it isn’t a marketplace vested in payment handling, but rather prioritizes the exhibition aspect of sales.

Our clientele primarily comprises seasoned professionals who rely on a robust platform delivering the requisite tools and services for seamless operations. This principle is at the core of our foundation and serves as a compelling differentiator, setting OneFayre apart.

A business partner

Joining OneFayre as an affiliate provides a unique opportunity to integrate and enhance your creative business as a maker, crafter, or artisan. Our platform equips you with a holistic ecosystem tailored to your needs, from showcasing your craftsmanship to engaging with a vibrant community through FayreHub.

By promoting OneFayre, you not only contribute to an empowering marketplace but also unlock an additional revenue stream for your business.

Experience seamless integration, heightened exposure, and a supportive network—all while championing the artisanal essence that fuels your passion and enterprise. Join our Affiliates Program today and elevate your creative journey with OneFayre.

A global solution

By partnering with OneFayre, you’re tapping into a robust global network that transcends geographical boundaries. Our platform extends a warm invitation to artisans, crafters, and affiliates hailing from diverse corners of the world. We recognize that creative entrepreneurship knows no limits, and our international community reflects this ethos.

Whether you’re an artisan showcasing your craftsmanship in Europe, a partner strategizing in Asia, or an entrepreneur thriving in any global arena, OneFayre offers an expansive platform for collaboration and growth. Our commitment to inclusivity underscores our dedication to a thriving global creative ecosystem.

As an affiliate, you play a pivotal role in connecting makers and their masterpieces to audiences across continents. Through your strategic promotion, you contribute to a vibrant marketplace that unites professionals and enthusiasts in a seamless exchange of creativity and commerce.

This international connectivity is a cornerstone of OneFayre’s mission. By uniting artisans, crafters, and partners worldwide, we create an unparalleled tapestry of innovation and empowerment. As a global partner, your reach extends far beyond borders, mirroring the very essence of modern business dynamics. Join us on this international journey, where creativity intersects with entrepreneurship on a global scale, fostering connections, amplifying success, and leaving an indelible mark on the creative landscape.

Key Information

Cookie duration90 calendar days
Referral termLifetime recurring. As long as membership continues, referral counts.
PriorityOnly referred affiliate will be favored, so long as cookie remains valid and active
Link typesHTML links &embedded banners. Additional creatives may be available upon request. New creatives are added regularly
Marketing platformsAll online & offline platforms allowed. Print media is also allowed
CurrenciesAll sales and commissions will be paid in UK Pound Sterling, however, Stripe will convert to your local currency if not UK Pound Sterling
ExclusivityThere are no exclusive partnerships, collaborations or affiliations available at this time. All affiliates are non-exclusive
ContractOFAP is an non-contractual program, and members are free to leave at any time, without prejudice


Which countries can affiliates apply from?

OneFayre is an international platform, and equally, we welcome affiliates from all around the world. At this time, there are no geographical restrictions on where affiliates can be from.

Do I have to sell on OneFayre to be an affiliate?

You are not required to be a seller on OneFayre to qualify for OFAP. We do, however, offer free sellers memberships to affiliates that achieve Level 2 of OFAP.

What are the payment cycles for affiliates?

Affiliates are paid their cleared and earned commissions on set dates. This will normally be the monthly anniversary date on which you registered with OFAP, or the nearest working day to it.

What is the affiliate payout method?

In the UK and the EU, affiliates are able to elect for payouts directly to their bank account. In all other regions and jurisdictions, we can only dispense payments through Stripe invoices. More information about this is available in the Affiliate Portal.

Where can I find the OFAP Terms?

Our latest OFAP Terms are available here.



Start earning today with OFAP

Generous commission structures

No required financial investment, EVER

Global program open to all nations

Monthly payouts via Stripe or Bank Transfer*

Supportive admins and regular updates

Comprehensive management panel

Always FREE to join

*Bank transfers are only available in the UK & EU only.