Discover Top Packaging Suppliers for Small Businesses in the UK

When it comes to packaging your crafts and handmade goods, finding the right supplier is crucial. To help you navigate the options, we’ve curated a list of five reputable packaging companies in the UK that cater specifically to small businesses. These suppliers offer a wide range of packaging materials and solutions to ensure your products are well-protected during shipping and make a lasting impression on your customers.

1. Rajapack UK
Rajapack UK is a trusted packaging supplier that understands the unique needs of small businesses. Their extensive product range includes various sizes of cardboard boxes, envelopes, tapes, and protective packaging. Whether you need sturdy boxes for fragile items or eco-friendly packaging solutions, Rajapack UK has you covered. Visit their website at to explore their offerings and order the perfect packaging materials for your crafts.

2. Packaging Supplies
Packaging Supplies is a reliable supplier that specializes in meeting the packaging needs of small businesses. Their comprehensive range of products includes cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, mailing bags, packaging tapes, and more. With Packaging Supplies, you can find everything you need to ensure your handmade goods are securely packaged. To discover their selection and place an order, visit their website at

3. Davpack
Davpack is a leading packaging supplier renowned for its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. They offer an extensive range of packaging products suitable for small businesses, including cardboard boxes, polythene bags, postal packaging, and packaging accessories. Davpack’s website at provides a user-friendly platform to explore their product catalog and find the ideal packaging solutions for your crafts.

4. Lil Packaging
For small businesses with a focus on sustainability, Lil Packaging offers eco-friendly packaging materials. Their range includes cardboard boxes, mailing bags, and packaging inserts made from recycled and recyclable materials. Lil Packaging is committed to reducing waste and providing environmentally conscious options for packaging. To learn more and browse their sustainable packaging solutions, visit their website at

5. Priory Direct
Priory Direct is a trusted packaging supplier that understands the specific requirements of small businesses. They offer a wide range of packaging materials, including boxes, mailing bags, bubble wrap, and packaging tapes. With Priory Direct, you can find quality packaging solutions that meet your branding needs and provide a professional presentation for your handmade goods. Explore their offerings and order online at

These top packaging suppliers in the UK are dedicated to providing small businesses in the craft industry with high-quality packaging materials. By partnering with these reputable companies, you can ensure your products are well-packaged, protected, and delivered with care. Take the time to explore their websites, compare their offerings, and find the perfect packaging solutions to showcase your handmade crafts to customers.