A complete eCommerce solution that helps your business become more independent and successful online

Zero commissions

You keep 100% of your profits, since we don’t charge any commissions or additional fees. You’re free to set your prices and charge your customers how you want to.

Fast setup

Simple, intuitive system means you can have your shop up and running in less than a day. You can also import your data from other platforms into FayreStore.


FayreStore doesn’t interfere in your business processes, so there’s no one to place holds on your funds or require you to use an ad network to boost your store.

FayreStore features

Here are just some of the features that make FayreStore amazing!

Full featured cart

A fully configurable cart system allows buyers to save, buy and review your products.

10+ payment methods

We have over 10 payment methods integrated into FayreStore, giving buyers more choices.

Global coverage

FayreStore is configured to allow users from around the world to deploy and manage their online stores.

10 theme choices

With 10 themes to choose from, there’s plenty of choices for all types of shops and products.

Import your shop

FayreStore allows users to import their data from other platforms, through a CSV file, making you move even easier.

Digital products

FayreStore is perfect for selling your digital items, either exclusively or alongside physical items.

take Control

Excellent admin panel

FayreStore offers a comprehensive store admin panel that both easy and intuitive to use. From adding new products to handling orders, FayreStore has your business covered with our suite of solutions to make your online store easier, more attractive and more productive.

Looking for a dedicated store instead?

Try FayreWeb, a custom build eCommerce platform built exactly for your needs.


Make the most of FayreStore

FayeStore works great on its own, and even better when matched with OneFayre. Thanks to not being a conventional marketplace, OneFayre offers sellers a brilliant platform to produce high-quality, exclusive content that promotes and enhances the visibility of their products online. To make the most of FayreStore and OneFayre, here are some tips.


1. List on FayreStore

Add you product to your store, with a well-written description and title. Remember to include all the essential information in your description to tell customers everything they need to know when making their buying decisions.

2. Add to OneFayre

Bring your product to the OneFayre showcase, where you can add images, specifications, details and documentation. OneFayre works best when your product tells a story, not just describes what it is. Make your product standout with creative writing.

3. Share everywhere

The best way to make sales is by making sure that everyone knows what you’re selling. OneFayre uses the power of numbers to bring buyers to the showcase, but those numbers depend on every member sharing and spreading the word alike.

3 types of domain

Pick from 3 types of domains to best suit your business needs. All 3 type of domains are included with FayreStore, free of charge.


Suits businesses that want to show their an extension of OneFayre.

eg: onefayre.net/store/my-shop


A simpler & easier to remember domain name, part of the OneFayre network.

eg: my-shop.onefayre.net

Custom domain

If you already own your own domain, and would like to use the FayreStore builder.

eg: my-shop.com

Sell + Store



Hosted eCommerce plus OneFayre showcase

No commissions, fees or charges on your sales

Unlimited products and sales

Use your own payment providers, not someone elses

Create your own terms, policies and rules

Customize your shop to suit your needs

Import your shop from Etsy or other platforms

  1. Every store is manually setup by us, so it may take up to 24 hours for us to get back to you with the login details for your new store.
  2. Ensure you provide the name of your store when signing up. In the event that your store name conflicts with an existing store name, we’ll contact you for an alternative.
  3. For support, please visit your MyFayre and click on ‘Store Support’. We aim to respond to all support messages within 24-48 hours.