Made to order.Black Bauta mask. Limited edition mask.


This is a limited edition mask, I will only be making 15 masks like this after which the design will no longer be available to order. The mask comes with a certificate and a number. Each time the mask is recreated it will be a unique piece because it’s hand made. The mask in the pictures is the original design. This mask can’t be customized.

The mask is made of the best quality wool paper “carta lana “ that is used in Venice for mask making. I buy my supplies from Venice, to be sure that I can offer the best quality possible.

The mask can hang on a wall, or it can be a part of your costume for a party.. The mask suits most adult faces.

All the masks are hand made therefore they can have slight differences between them when reproduced. All the pictures shown are from the original design. When I recreate one of my masks I try to get as close as possible to the original design and I always send pictures once the mask is finished. As an artist I reserve myself the right to reproduce and resell any of my masks, although this is a limited edition of 10 pieces and no more will be recreated.
👉🏻 Attention! The availability of the pieces is referred to the number of masks that I will be making of this design! 👈🏻
My limited edition masks can’t be customized.
The processing time is referred to the time that I need to make/prepare my masks for shipping and does not include the shipping time. I always use a fast shipping service and I am willing to give an estimate if requested.

Please leave a phone number as it is requested by the shipping company.

For any other details or questions please feel free to contact me 😊.

Thank you, Laura.

More pictures and videos of my masks can be found on my Instagram page @ruuamasks

Processing time for made to order masks is approximately 12 weeks.


Brand new, made to order
1-3 business days